A Happy New Year Indeed

The Old Year shuffles off and the New Year bounds in, as they ever do, but this year at The Library of American Comics we’re greeting the arrival of 2016 just a wee bit differently in this space. In times past we’ve taken a moment to look backward at our production during the Old Year; for this turn of the year we thought you might enjoy it if we fired up the crystal ball to offer you a sneak-peek at these Coming Attractions…

Response to our “popular characters” reprints remains strong and 2016 will see new installments in several of those series—for instance, followers of a certain wondrous web-head will enjoy our third volume of The Amazing Spider-Man newspaper strips. This series launched in 1977 with the monarch of Latveria, Doctor Doom, challenging Spidey in New York City, the wall-crawler’s home turf. But as you’ll see, by early 1982 the tables have turned: Daily Bugle reporter Kitty Howell and photog Peter Parker chase “the story of the century” straight into the heart of Doom’s postage-stamp-sized kingdom! And never fear—as shown in this Valentine’s Day Sunday, drawn by stalwart artist Fred Kida, Mr. Parker remembered to pack his red-and-blue longjohns for the trip…


Giving equal time to Marvel’s Distinguished Competition, we’ll also be serving up more Atomic Age Sundays featuring the Man of Steel—Superman! Decidedly less superheroic, but still a fan-favorite, our Disney line of books will continue to grow this winter with the first volume of Al Taliaferro and Bob Karp’s Donald Duck Sunday pages, featuring terrific all-ages humor. Not far behind will be our inaugural collection of Silly Symphonies Sunday pages.




Those looking for a reliable daily dose of Duck hijinks should also be on the lookout for the next books in our Donald dailies series, also due out in 2016.

Lovers of Star Trek will be surprised (and pleased, we hope!) to learn that we have a hand in marking the 50th Anniversary of Captain Kirk, the USS Enterprise, the decades of sequel TV shows, books, comics, and feature films that fleshed out the Trek Universe. Our offering will beStar Trek: The Classic UK Comics. While it may seem incongruous for LOAC to have its fingers in comics that originated in Merry Olde, Star Trek is first and foremost an American phenomenon—and once you get a look at the lovely, Dan Dare-esque artwork that graces these strips, we think you’ll be as hooked on them as we are:


What’s that, you say? The crystal ball is suddenly getting cloudy? Could be all your heavy breathing after looking at those samples of What Lies Ahead—please stop steaming up the crystal ball!

While you take a breather, we’ll break out the glass cleaner and get the mystical orb shined up and ready for Part Two of our look forward into 2016, LOAC-style. Join us here again soon, will you please?

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