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Ecco che arriva il Colonnello Canyon

As a partial payback to Italy for providing the world with arguably the best of all cuisines, we can report that Italian readers can now enjoy the best of the best in American comics: Milton Caniff is being translated by our friends at Editoriale Cosmo in Reggio Emilia. Francesco Meo and company have begun reprinting both Terry and the Pirates and Steve Canyon (as well as Russ Manning’s Tarzan). I met with Francesco at the Angoulême festival last week, where he was also considering reprinting the old Eclipse Airboy comics by Tim Truman, Chuck Dixon, and friends.

Dean and Francesco Meo at the Angoulême Festivalm January 2017.

Canyon1_Italian Canyon_Italian2

Sometimes Bigger IS Better

We received an advance copy of the Artist’s Edition of Alex Toth’s Bravo for Adventure, filled with lots of previously unpublished goodies. Those who placed advance orders should be receiving their copies next month!






1977’s PARACUELLOS one of the Best Comics of 2016!


It’s pretty amazing that nearly thirty years after Carlos Giménez first published PARACUELLOS in Spain (in 1977), the first English-language edition—which we published under our EuroComics sister imprint—has made two Best Comics of 2016 lists. It’s a testament to the timeless nature of Giménez’s important work.

In the Beat’s “Best of 2016” list, Alex Deuben writes:

“This book by Carlos Gimenez is something of a legend in his native Spain and elsewhere but this year this book was finally published in the US. The story of a child growing up in a state run home in the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War, it begins as the story of one child – Gimenez himself – but becomes something bigger. The story of a generation growing up in a fascist state, run by adults that don’t care whether the children live. This look at childhood in fascist Spain is more than just a great memoir, but an important historical document and one of the powerful and haunting graphic novels I have ever read.”

At Comic Book Resources, Michael Lorah says:

“Gimenez tells the stories of his time in the “Social Aid Homes” for war orphans after Franco won the Spanish Civil War. Every page is designed to break your heart. Masterful cartooning, a little childhood whimsy and a whole lot of human tragedy make for an unforgettable reading experience.”

Gift needed for comics fan? Try ‘Walt Disney’s Treasury of Classic Tales’ —Christian Science Monitor

As they say, just in time for the holidays…

“This series is just another example of the ability of The Library Of American Comics to discover lost and forgotten comics many of us never knew existed, restore them, and collect them into a high-quality hardcover. This is a great book that captures a bit of that Disney magic we all know and love.” — The Christian Science Monitor


Calling All Space-Age Beauties!

Finally! The eight letters that forever changed America’s favorite police strip…


It’s (literally!) out of this world action in the twenty-first volume of our COMPLETE DICK TRACY — on sale in December. Here’s a little tease we found while researching the basement archives of the Chicago Tribune-New York News.



Krazy Kat preview!

We’re starting to add previews to our website so you can see sample strips. We just added one to LOAC Essentials #9: Krazy Kat 1934. You can click on the link on this page.


New books coming your way


It’s always a fun day when a box of advance copies arrives from the printer. Today was especially joyful when we received FIVE books—three LOAC titles and two books from EuroComics, our sister imprint. Looks like there’s something for everyone: Disney fans, Marvel fans, Krazy Kat fans…plus unlike some of our UK friends, we embrace Europe —European comics specifically. Dieter Lumpen (with amazing art by Rubén Pellejero) is out now, and Hugo Pratt’s Corto will be on sale next month, along with the LOAC titles shown.

Getting ready for the scanner

We spent the entire morning prepping material and deciding what would be slated for the scanning department. Getting digitally captured soon will be four years of mid-1960s Dick Tracy proofs (Yaaay, Moon Maid!) that were saved by Chester Gould’s licensing agent and donated to OSU’s Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum…plus a book’s worth of Steve Canyon dailies and color Sunday proofs from Milton Caniff’s personal files, which will allow everyone to read the never-before-collected early 1960s strips…plus some fun Spider-Man Sundays, some of Gene Ahern’s 1915 Squirrel Food, and scads more goodies that will be preserved for the future as high-res digital files.Proofs

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