Back in Black (& White, & Most Every Color, Too!)

In words of one syllable: We are back!

The IDW tech department has been doing a major (we’re talkin’ major) upgrade to LOAC’s digital presence as part of an on-line face lift for the entire company. Dean, Lorraine, and I thank those unsung heroes of the bits-&-bytes for getting us up-and-running while achieving the goals of a great re-design: we think you’ll agree this look is at once familiar and easy to navigate, yet it’s also slicker and more robust than our previous incarnation.

The navigation bars at the top and bottom of the homepage remain unchanged, so it’s as easy as ever to zip around. But once you move to our other pages, well …

Click over to the “Blog” page and look to your right. The old reliable set of links allowing you to browse the Blog archives by month-year are still there, but below that we now have categories for each of our books, plus a “General News” category. Click any one of those category links and — Sha-ZAM-M-m-m! — the blogs for only that category will appear on your screen! “Word clouds” are also all the rage these days and we decided we should have us some of that, too. As a result, you’ll now find a “Tags” section that features our own customized LOAC word cloud — click on any “Tag” you see and its related blog entries will also display. Pretty nifty, wouldn’t you say?

But wait (as the TV ads have said for decades) — there’s more …

Click over to the “Complete Catalogue” — is that a feast for the eyes, or what? Every logo for every LOAC series is now a link — and if you’re an old-fashioned sort who prefers to deal with words over imagery, those same series are listed as text at the right-hand side of the page, and are always available for use, even when you’re browsing the page for a given LOAC title. No matter which form of access you prefer, our catalogue has never looked more colorful, or been easier to access.

“New Releases” and “Upcoming Books” function much as they did before, albeit with a more compact, concise style, while “About/Contact” continues to hold the e-mail links, bios, and pictures of LOAC’s Cary Grant, Mae West, and W.C. Fields (guess which one of us is cast as Fields — Godfrey Daniels!).

There are other “inside baseball” changes to the site that improves its usability for us, which should yield benefits for you, as well. We expect we’ll be back with even more frequent updates than ever before … and in response to popular demand (Peter Popular demanded it) we’ll soon be able to offer links that will provide you a sneak peek at upcoming projects. Whether (as John Steed liked to say) you’re panting at the leash to see the next chapter in the eternal struggle between Donald Duck and Neighbor Jones, or you’d like to get a taste of rare strips like RED BARRY or TIM TYLER’S LUCK before you buy, our upcoming “samplers” will help scratch those types of itches!

That’s the scoop. Go forth and start clicking! Our fingers are crossed that you’ll like what you see …

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