Bookshelves Are Us

Bruce Canwell started the “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” bookcase organization challenge and Jeff Dyer is first to join the game. It’s fascinating how we each have our own collating principles. Here’s what Jeff says:


“I grouped Bloom County with my older Calvin & Hobbes books, as I think of those two as the finest strips of the 1980s. I put Dick Tracy with Rip Kirby, of course…two great detectives from two different eras. I do look forward to the day when I can (hopefully) replace Dick Tracy Vol 1-6 with larger editions to match the others. I have a Caniff Shelf…Terry, Caniff, Scorchy Smith (by honorable mention) and now, happily…Steve Canyon! I have Annie with Abner (probably because it sounds good when spoken together!) but also want to point out my old Li’l Abner metal toy. It’s from my great aunt who passed away. She had this toy in her home for years and years. I never knew about the comic strip until many years later. But now the books and toy match nicely! Finally, I have my large shelf for the really big books! This of course includes Flash Gordon and Polly!!


“After taking these pics and seeing all the great books you have coming soon, I realize…I NEED MORE SPACE!!”

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