Bruised Hearts & Trampled Flowers

From time to time we like to imagine what some newspapers would look like on a given date in history – it’s a different view of comic strip history in this current environment, where so many strips are getting the “extensive reprint” treatment.

In this slice of newspaper strip history from February 15, 1946, we see that sentimentality is in short supply on this day-after-Valentine’s-Day. The finger of suspicion points at Roy Crane’s square-shooting hero in Buz Sawyer, following the surprising death of a major character…poor Brilliant is being duped as his Atom Light, developed to help the infirm, is used as a super-weapon that attracts the attention of Dick Tracy and his fellow officers…Archie Andrews takes drastic action when Betty tricks him into double-booking dates for his junior prom…in Terry and the Pirates, battered Fob Cobb finds her path back to Terry involves Connie and the one-and-only Big Stoop, as lame-duck creator Milton Caniff conducts his year-long farewell tour that brings back old friends and mixes them with new characters … And is it any surprise that Daisy Mae Scragg offers a touch of wistful romance as she moons over Li’l Abner (and his “fiery feet”)? Of course, the object of her affection is far away and getting into all sorts of trouble as he seeks to save the citizens of Dogpatch from starvation after an infestation of turnip termites by bringing home six thousand ham sangwidges!

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Want a bizarre thought? Given sixty-six years separate us from the citizens of 1946 who read these strips and others, think what the people of 2078 will say when they look back sixty-six years at our 2012 comics!

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