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“Ha, fooled them again!”

“Ha, fooled them again!” is what Berkeley Breathed exclaimed when told that Bloom County: The Complete Library, Volume Two debuted in the number four spot on the New York Times Best Seller list. “Seriously, I’m happy people still enjoy this stuff. Surprised, but happy.”

In Volume Two, Breathed ramps up the volume, offering even more funny and insightful commentary than in the first volume, while context pages help fans recapture the glory of the 1980s.

Beginning with September 27, 1982, Volume Two collects every daily and Sunday through July 1, 1984, most reproduced from Breathed’s personal archives of original art. Kicking off this second installment is an introduction by journalist and former Nightline host Ted Koppel, who takes readers on a brief journey back to the Reagan years and reflects on the strips he shared with Opus.

“What’s really astounding to me is the freshness of this material after so many years” editor Scott Dunbier told me this afternoon when the New York Times list was announced. “The events in these pages are right out of today’s headlines—the economy, politics, even Michael Jackson! But, most importantly, we see them all through Breathed’s own unique perspective, which is the true joy of Bloom County.”

Volume Two also features the introduction of Binkley’s anxiety closet and boy genius Oliver Wendell Jones, as well as the fondly remembered death of the Bill the Cat storyline.




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