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COMING SOON: Library of American Comics and EuroComics Podcast!

As part of an ongoing celebration of throughout our tenth year of comics preservation, we are launching a few new ways to connect with our incredible fans and supporters. Beginning in November, we will be releasing a monthly podcast, hosted by Dean Mullaney and Kurtis Findlay, that will be your look into the behind-the-scenes work that goes into bringing these classic comic strips and incredible European albums to your shelves.

We encourage all you listeners to get involved. Send us your questions about our books, meeting creators, restoration processes or anything else on your mind and we will answer them on the show.

Check out this preview episode and stay tuned for the first full episode, coming in November!



A Big Welcome from Dean Mullaney

You’ve undoubtedly noticed that there has been a ramped-up LOAC presence online, including daily posts, previews, regular blog entries, and the launch of our newsletter. The whole idea is to bring you more information on upcoming releases, as well as more background details on those releases.

The kudos go to Kurtis Findlay, who is the new Online Communications Coordinator for our Eisner Award-winning imprint. Kurtis has a diploma in Entertainment Business and Management and brings with him a broad knowledge of comics history. We first met in 2010 when he and I co-edited a book about Chuck Jones—The Dream That Never Was.

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Our Very Own Super-Duper Man!

Everyone knows that Clark Kent is Superman’s alter ego, but around here we have another fine fellow who fits that bill — Super-Duper artist Pete Poplaski, who creates the amazing covers for all of our Superman newspaper strip collections (and the Batman and Wonder Woman collections to boot)!

While everyone who has these books knows what the final colored versions look like when printed, very few people see the various stages Pete goes through to create these masterworks.

For the upcoming Superman Golden Age Dailies 1944-1947 back cover, here are an interim penciled and partially inked version, the final inked rendition, and the color guide Pete submits for LOAC’s digital colorists.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

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JUST ANNOUNCED: The Silence of Malka

07_2018_Silence_of_MalkaComing July, 2018, LOAC’s sister imprint EuroComics will publish—for the first time in English—the winner of the Angoulême Festival award for Best Foreign Graphic Album, THE SILENCE OF MALKA, by Jorge Zentner and Rubén Pellejero


“A very original re-reading of the legend of Golem.”—The New Observer

“A sumptuous story of exile.”—The World of Books

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Boys & Their Toys

So I’m busily working away on the text feature for Steve Canyon Volume 8 (a juicy assemblage of material that includes Milton Caniff turning real-life incidents into story fodder!) and I get this e-mail from my dear, long-time friend Doug Thornsjo. If you read the Definitive Flash Gordon and Jungle Jim you got a taste of Doug’s writing (and his voluminous knowledge of movie serials) in Volume 2, in which he produced an article about Buster Crabbe’s three chapterplay turns as Flash.

Doug knew that in Canyon we had provided some coverage of the Ideal toy line based on Milton Caniff’s high-flying colonel, items like the Jet Helmet …

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Great Things Come to Those Who Wait

It was a gala day in LOAC-land when we announced that our eleventh LOAC Essentials volume would reprint a mid-1940s selection of Edwina’s terrific Cap Stubbs & Tippie. This book represents the culmination of about a decade of planning. Let me explain that perhaps-startling statement …

I was first introduced to Edwina’s delightful view of small-town life in 1987, when I bought my copy of the twenty-fifth issue of Nemo magazine.

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FINAL UPDATE (09/16/17) to Holding Our Collective Breath …

ON SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 16TH: Dean reports that he’s back home, with full services restored. Now, if only Hurricane Maria doesn’t follow Irma’s path …


ON WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13TH: Still no electricity at Dean and Lorraine’s home, but they’ve “packed up the computers” and relocated to a hotel with full services. So LOAC is back up and running — in fact, Dean sent me Rich Handley’s text feature for Star Wars Volume 2 so I can edit it. In a word: Hoo-hah! (Or is that two words?)


ON MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 11TH: A fast update from Dean that was as brief as it was welcome: “No power, but AOK.”  More updates as I receive them!


… As Hurricane Irma bears down on the state of Florida.

Here in New England my wife Krista and I are following storm coverage with fingers crossed, since we both have family members in The Sunshine State. Krista’s mother and step-father have buttoned up their home and driven north, crossing the border to escape Irma’s fury, while my sister, her family, and my mother are going to ride it out in a sturdy hotel (concrete construction). The hotel has its own generators, so they’re hopeful they’ll retain power and air conditioning under even the worst conditions.

LOAC’s Creative and Art Directors, Dean Mullaney and Lorraine Turner, are also Florida residents; they’re preparing to weather the blow in their home. Along with their neighbors, they realized the best place for patio furniture was submerged in the swimming pool, so on Friday, September 8th, Dean sent me these pictures of his handiwork:

Irma Prep_1

Irma Prep_2

A situation like this gives one pause to think of not only those in Florida who’ll be touched by the passage of Hurricane Irma, but also those in the Caribbean islands who have already suffered her wrath and are in dire need, as well as those in Texas and Louisiana who are still reeling from the effects of Hurricane Harvey. If you have the means to contribute to the relief effort, you may want to consider a donation to The American Red Cross.

Whether or not you can help aid the hurricane victims, I’m sure you’ll join me in wishing Dean, Lorraine, and all the persons in Florida as much luck as they can get, and share Krista’s and my hopes that they’ll get through this major storm with as little damage and disruption as possible. I’ll post an update in the days ahead as I get new information …

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