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Steve Canyon…on Slide and Screen


When the Steve Canyon TV show starring Dean Fredericks hit the airwaves in 1958, Caniff’s agent Toni Mendez got busy. She lined up scores of licensees, producing everything from lunch boxes to jet helmets to puzzles. As part of our research for the artbook—Caniff…A Visual Biography—we uncovered some fascinating art connected with the Canyon Tru-Vue slides. Tru-Vue was manufactured by the same company that produced the better-known View-Master slides. Each “slide” contained seven pairs of stereoscopic images that were slid in a hand-held viewer, a modern version of the stereoscopic photographs that were produced at the turn of the 19th century.

Above is an example of the pencil rough for one of the Canyon slides. Below is the inked version.

TruVue_ink1Harry Guyton, Milton and Esther Caniff’s nephew, and John Ellis have been diligently overseeing the digital transfers of the TV episodes so we can all enjoy the show in the comfort of our homes. Check out the official Steve Canyon website to read about—and order—the DVDs. And look forCaniff…A Visual Biography in July.


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