Dog Days & Original Art: Canwell’s 2018 Twin Teases

Here’s hoping this still-New-Year is off to a fine start for our readers and all the visitors to this space! It’s been a mighty frosty start to 2018 here in New England (as it was in many parts of the country), where we tied the meteorological record for twelve consecutive days where the high temperature never topped twenty degrees. It’s been so cold in the greater Boston area that my intrepid dog, Gypsy, has consented to wearing the sweater my wife bought for her on December 29th (something I never thought she would do) —

Despite the wintry chill in my area, I’m working on a variety of LOAC projects that promise to make 2018 a hot year indeed! Let me offer you a tiny peek at what you’ll be seeing under our logo in the weeks and months ahead.

It’s always a thrill when we publish a book that includes one of the pieces of original artwork that adorns the walls of my home, and our next Steve Canyon release, Volume 9 in the series, will feature the story that contains this April 26, 1963 daily:

(Forgive the reflected lighting — it added such an artsy touch to the photo, I couldn’t bear to tinker and remove it!)

Yes, you’ll be seeing Stevenson B. as a brunette — and no matter his hair color, you know he’ll be embroiled in espionage skirmishes and clashes of the heart as we bring Canyon through 1963 and ’64!

Elsewhere, we have been very, very fortunate to learn a great deal about and receive several samples of original art done by an artist previously featured in one of our LOAC series. During 2018 we’ll share this beautiful work and our newly-acquired knowledge with you, both in the pages of an upcoming book and in this space. I don’t want to say more than that so early in the game, but I’m pleased to share these two wonderful pieces with you and leave you to ponder the identify of the man identified in the second only as “Fritz” (how’s THAT for a mystery?) …

Naturally, we have plenty of other irons in the fire, so watch this space for more updates on these projects as well as the interview I recently conducted for one of the major comics news sites, plus the other treats currently flowing through the LOAC pipeline …

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