Eating by the Arno

As part of our Summer 2018 Italian Tour, we spent some time in Florence with comics historian Alberto Becattini and his wife Luciana. Like all Italians, Alberto was eager to show off the highlights and sidelights of his home town.

Alberto and I have read each other’s work for decades and have exchanged innumerable emails, but this was the first time we met in person. And what better place to meet than in Florence!

Most comics fans are similarly well versed in Alberto’s work. In addition to editing Glamour Magazine — with its single-artist focus on the likes of Alex Toth, Alex Raymond, Bob Lubbers, and many others — Alberto has, for the past forty years, been one the world’s leading experts and researchers on Disney comics. His most recent book is the highly recommended Disney Comics: The Whole Story. LOAC fans will also be glad to know that he’s currently working on his next introduction to our Donald Duck newspaper strip collections — Volume Five, which will be published next year.

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