For fans of George McManus

No sooner did I get done writing about our Polly and Her Pals LOAC Essentials volume and the special frisson I got from it than a purchase arrived that made me think of another of our books that has a personal “something extra” attached to it.


Bringing Up Father: Of Cabbages and Kings is chockfull of not just the antics of Jiggs and Maggie, but also rare artwork and information obtained as a result of my late-2012 trip to Los Angeles to research the George McManus papers held at UCLA’s Charles E. Young Research Library. (A travelogue of that trip can be found here).

Whenever I open up Of Cabbages and Kings I recall what a thrill it was to pick up and examine wonderful artifacts like that 1947 Christmas card, a masterwork of color and design (see page 13 in the book), plus all the great photographs and newspaper articles sprinkled throughout my text. Best of all, however, is the knowledge that after my “warm-up act” is over, the book is loaded with over two hundred fifty pages of McManus-created hilarity. I’m such a fan of McManus that I recently pounced on the opportunity to acquire a variety of 1934 Bringing Up Father dailies. Since our sales indicate I’m not alone in my enjoyment of Maggie and Jiggs’s perpetual marital skirmishes, let me share a sampling of them with you here …



Y4_09b Y4_10b




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