Genius is Here



Here are the first two reviews—in Comics Bulletin and Comics Alliance—of Genius, Illustrated: The Life and Art of Alex Toth, which goes on sale today!

Jason Sacks writes in Comics Bulletin: “The generosity of artistic material in this book knows no bounds, and the quality of the biographical material is absolutely unparalleled in comics scholarship…. Genius Illustrated sets the absolute gold standard for deluxe artist biographies. There have been some wonderful comics history books released in the last few years, but this book surpasses them all in terms of its production values, its comprehensiveness and the quality of the biographical information presented. Alex Toth was one of the greatest artists ever to work in the comic art medium. This book merits the highest possible compliment: it’s a worthy tribute to Toth.”

And in Comics Alliance, John Parker says: “Genius, Illustrated is a soaring success…. The amount of material collected in Genius, Illustrated is bordering on the ridiculous…. Add to that a nuanced, heavily-researched, and even-handed biography, and you’ve got one of the most fascinating books about comics in recent memory”

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