Is This the REAL Red Barry?

That’s what I’m investigating right now, thanks to a brief but thought-provoking correspondence with Mr. Jim Doherty, whose resume intersects comics and real-life police work. “I’ve been cop for many years, and am the third generation in my family to enter police work,” Mr. Doherty told me in e-mail exchanges. “I was recently appointed a chief of police in a small town southwest of Chicago. I’m also the author of four books, and my first novel, An Obscure Grave, is being released this February.   I’ve won a Spur from the Western Writers of America and was a finalist for a Dagger award from the British Crime Writers Association.  From 2011 through 2015 I was the police technical adviser for Dick Tracy (another LOAC mainstay), hired by writer Mike Curtis after he and Joe Staton took over the feature.  I also wrote the copy for the weekly ‘Crimestoppers’ panel.”

Mr. Doherty’s suggestions have proven a fascinating avenue to explore as Dean and I work on the concluding volume in our two-book Red Barry set. Volume 1 is still on sale, of course, and is highly recommended for creator Will Gould’s stylish art and hard-bitten, noirish storytelling. Red Barry Volume 2 will be coming your way in 2018, and as they used to say on the old Batman TV show, “The best is yet to come!”

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