JUST ANNOUNCED: Dick Tracy, Vol. 25: 1969-1970

This coming December, the Dynamic Detective wraps up another decade of upholding the law in The Library of American Comics’  THE COMPLETE DICK TRACY, Vol. 25: 1969-1970!

As if being a detective wasn’t enough work, Dick Tracy takes on a part-time job… on the moon! This volume introduces us to

many of the characters that set up the coming storylines, including a young blind girl named Tinky, cartoonist Vera Alldid (step-nephew of B.O. Plenty), and Groovy Grove, fresh from prison after serving twelve years for crimes he didn’t commit! Plus, Dick and Tess get caught in one of the most frightening death traps of the entire series!

The Complete Dick Tracy, Vol. 25: 1969-1970

11.5″ x 8.5″ | Hardcover | B&W | 296 pages | $44.99


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