JUST ANNOUNCED: For Better or For Worse, Vol. 2: 1983-1986

The first volume isn’t even out and we’re announcing volume two? Yes, we’re plowing ahead and bringing you FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE: THE COMPLETE LIBRARY, VOLUME TWO: 1983-1986, by Lynn Johnston, coming in July 2018!

By the time we get to the mid-eighties, Lynn Johnston’s signature style has become more defined and her storylines more complex.  Each member of the Patterson family gets their time in the spotlight throughout the three and a half years collected in this book, most notably Elly who discovers that the old theatre in town is going to be torn down and takes it upon herself to prevent its destruction. Volume Two collects the complete daily and Sunday comics from January 1983 through July 14, 1986, with all Sunday comics printed in color.

For Better or For Worse: The Complete Library, Volume 2: 1983-1986

11″ x 8.5″  |  Hardcover  |  Full Color Sundays |  544 pages  |  $39.99


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