JUST ANNOUNCED: For Better or For Worse, Vol. 3: 1987-1989

You probably haven’t even had a chance to pick your copy of volume two yet, but look out! Coming in April 2019, we finish up the first decade of Lynn Johnston’s long-running family drama in FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE, VOL. 3: 1986-89! Three-and-a-half years of dailies and full-color Sundays in one massive book!

No phone, no light, no motor car, not a single luxury—John and Phil’s canoe trip turns them into castaways on an island! Once back in civilization, John solves his mid-life crisis by buying a sportscar, and Elly improbably winds up in front of a judge as a result! Michael enters junior high school, but not before learning a different sort of life lessons at summer camp with a girl named Martha, while Liz loses her first tooth, gets her ears pierced, and finds herself in a “Mean Girls” situation with her friends at school. Then it’s wedding bells for Uncle Phil, and Lawrence moves back to town—with a new family of his own! Volume Three, which collects the complete daily and Sunday comics from July 6, 1986 through December 9, 1989, brings to a close the first decade of Lynn Johnston’s modern masterwork, but of course, the story is just getting started …

For Better or For Worse, Vol. 3: 1986-89

11.5″ x 9.25″ | Hardcover | B&W with Color Sundays | 544 pages


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