LOAC Road to 200 #1-5

By the end of 2019, The Library of American Comics will have 200 books under its belt! If you have been following us on social media, we have started a retrospective of all 200 of our books, starting with our premiere effort—Terry and the Pirates, Vol. 1.  Every day or so, we will post a new image online, but we will also be collecting them here in small installments.

I could think of no better strip to launch the Library of American Comics than Milton Caniff’s masterpiece. Terry is the most influential strip in the history of the medium and, needless to say, my personal favorite. And to win the Eisner Award for our first release — it doesn’t really get any better than that! —Dean

Milton Caniff starts hitting them out of the park here, as Terry moves through 1937 and ’38. Great characters are introduced – Big Stoop, General Klang, Baron de Plexus, and that rat, Tony Sandhurst, the man only a Normandie could love! For the first and only time, Burma and the Dragon Lady cross paths … wah-HOO! —Bruce Canwell

The early Annie dailies are among the rarest of all daily strips. They only ran in one paper, the New York Daily News. And not even in every edition. The strip only appeared in the bulldog edition as a tryout. Obviously, the strip caught on and the rest is history. This book reprints for the first time those early strips, among 1000 dailies. What a deal! —Dean

Terry grows up fast when April Kane arrives in China, and as war overtakes China, the already memorable cast expands to include Dude Hennick and Raven Sherman. It’s a peak period of what Howard Chaykin reminds us is “the greatest adventure comic strip ever done.” —Dean

Still one of my very favorite LOAC titles. Such beautiful work by Sickles! And Steranko’s introduction remains one of the all-time great analyses of an artist’s methods and approaches. Dean and I made our first trip to what is now the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum in support of this book – great, great fun! —Bruce

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