Lots of Nemo, But No Slumberland

Our chronological peers may remember the halcyon days of yore, when Prestone Anti-Freeze used to advertise in print and electronic media, touting their “Winter/Summer” formula. At this time of year, LOAC operates much the same way—and here’s the photographic proof!Bruce_snow2013b

One picture was taken on February 9th, at the end of Winter Storm Nemo—we’re betting you can guess which one!

The good news is, our Northern Branch never lost electricity or internet connectivity, even during the worst of the storm, so production on our line of books was slowed only by the amount of time it took to shovel out. Of course, when a storm drops 24 inches of snow on your city, you’re still measuring that snow-clearing time in terms of hours! But disruption that amounts to a couple hours of tossing around snow was a much better situation than the nearly half-million New Englanders who were without power as the storm raged.

Dean and Lorraine, of course, said what all Floridians said when they heard about Nemo. “Storm?What storm…?

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