More and MORE Books!

Diego Cordoba kindly sent photos of some of his bookshelves and says, “Since I have more than 100, 000 books (yeah I live almost inside a library), I can only show you portions of what I have.”


He continues, “Not to mention that now I’ve got to find some place where to put the new Steve Canyon collection. As you can see there’s no particular order, as I keep adding new books every year, so I’m continually moving them back and forward and finding new spaces where to put them. Generally it’s the amount of space left in the bookshelf and the size of the book that matters, so I might have a book about Leonardo next to the Primce Valiant collection or the newly added but not yet shelved Flash Gordon beside it. I also have books from five different countries, which explain all those different collections I have of Terry and the Pirates, Steve Canyon, Flash Gordon, etc. from different parts of the world.”


Keep sending those photos, folks. This is FUN!

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