Never Before seen art by Dick Moores!

Back in the early 1950s when Dick Moores worked at Disney, he also took on outside freelance work. Original sketches for one of these jobs recently came into our possession. What a delightful find! Dick was hired to design character sketches for a miniature golf course in North Hollywood locally owned by a husband and wife.

The sketches are done in pencil on vellum and feature two characters: Puttin’ Polly and Golfin’ Gus. One or the other character was used in different poses at each hole of the course. The characters were also used on the scorecards, as well as the firm’s stationery.

The final inked drawings were printed on color decals (one shown below) and mounted on the metal sign at each hole.

Also in the folder is a sketch of an elfin character, pencil on bond paper.

It’s all classic Dick Moores art! Amazing how consistent his style was from the ’30s through the ’50s and all the way into the ’80s with Gasoline Alley. (Shameless plug: if you’re a Dick Moores fan and haven’t seen our collection of his mid-’60s Gasoline Alley dailies, what are you waiting for?!)

The miniature golf course was sold years ago and no longer exists. Any long-time Los Angeles residents out there with photos of Polly and Gus in action?










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