On the Move…in 2013

You may have noticed I’ve been at least slightly less visible than usual in this space of late (if not, I haven’t been doing a good enough job when I am present!). In addition to editing text on upcoming releases (some excellent feature material awaits you in the first Russ Manning Tarzanvolume, lemme tell ya!), and busily writing away on text for Li’l Abner Volume 6, which runs the gamut from the pleasing…L4_NURSEL4_GOOCH

…I am indeed in the midst of a personal change that’s kept me off the website (and only occasionally on IDW’s LOAC Forum.

Eighty-five years after King Features moved across the street to No. 2 Columbus Circle—see our April 3rd posting—I’m packing up all my books and files and other possessions and moving around the corner to a new home. I’m not going alone, either—y’see, my fiancée will also be moving as we set up housekeeping for our marriage this July. Neither of us is exactly what you’d call “camera persons,” so I can’t offer you a batch of shots of us going hither and yon, but last year I did get this one candid shot of the future Mrs. Krista Canwell that I’m kinda partial to…


She doesn’t know a dang thing about comic strips, but she’s still a pretty grand gal nonetheless.

So pardon me for a bit if I’m largely “out of pocket” until around month’s-end—there’s a lot of packing, shlepping, and unpacking to get done And Dean got spared the need to come north in July for the wedding—he’ll be busy at San Diego Comic-Con that weekend!

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