Overlapping strips


In working on the layout for The Complete Dick Tracy volume 11, I searched for a specific daily—July 10, 1948—to place in the page design. The search results came up with the requested Tracydaily, but also a Rip Kirby daily and an Archie daily from the same date.

I guess it should have dawned on me earlier because with more than thirty books published as part of the Library of American Comics, we’re starting to see overlapping dates from strip to strip. We tend to look at each series as a distinct collection, but great cartoonists such as Chester Gould, Bob Montana, and Alex Raymond didn’t work in a vacuum—their strips often appeared alongside one other’s.


So in the interest of imaging what it would have been like to read a daily comics page at the time, here are three dailies from July 10, 1948.


And for more fun, imagine the thrill of reading Milton Caniff’s Terry and the Pirates, Al Capp’s Li’l Abner, and Harold Gray’s Little Orphan Annie all on the same day?! Here are those strips from May 21, 1937. Enjoy!






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