Puzzle Me, Polly


We’re big jigsaw puzzle fans here at the Library. On any given day there’s an unfinished puzzle on a spare table so anyone needing a break from work can get lost putting together anything from a snow scene in Central Park to a castle in Bavaria.

We also enjoy assembling old comic strip puzzles — and in the coming weeks we’ll post some examples from our collection. This week, though, we want to show off our one-of-a-kind Polly and Her Pals jigsaw. No, it’s not an oldie, but it’s certainly a goodie — the August 8, 1926 Sunday page, complete with Dot and Dash topper. We sent our digital file used in our multiple Eisner-nominated Polly book to one of those custom puzzle-making companies. Putting it together was a lot more difficult than it looks — those multiple Maws, Paws, and Pollys can get confoosin’!

Here’s some snapshots:







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