Questions to Ponder

Are you saying to yourself, “Man, LOAC has collected about thirty years of Strip X, over twenty years of Strip Y, and almost fifteen years of Strip Z”? Are you wondering, “Haven’t we seen it all, heard it all, learned it all by now?” Are you thinking, “After tens of thousands of reprinted strips, behind-the-scenes photos, rarely-seen artwork, and quotes served up from fan mail, newspaper articles, and interviews with the cartoonists’ families and friends, what more do they have to share with us?”

Is that what you’re asking, Bunkie?

Well, we can give you the short answer in four words: “You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!” And we’ll back it up by teasing you with these questions regarding four of our more senior ongoing projects …

What is the connection between Jan Brady and Dick Tracy? You’ll need to read our upcoming Dick Tracy Volume 23 to find out …12_2017_DickTracy23

She has a body any man would desire (but Li’l Abner is impervious to such charms) – so what is it about Nancy O.’s face that young Yokum finds irresistible? And how does it launch a coast-to-coast publicity campaign? (And for that matter, how does Abner go from panting after Nancy O. to marrying Daisy Mae?) The answers lie in our Big Wedding Edition, Volume 9 of Al Capp’s remarkable Li’l Abner


In her own kind-hearted way, did Poteet Canyon promote the phrase, “Don’t have a cow” three decades before Bart Simpson made it popular? Check out Poteet’s unusual brush with the bovine in our next installment (Volume 8) of Milton Caniff’s picaresque Steve Canyon


And which famous cartoonist (whose work also gets collected by LOAC) sent a note to Harold Gray that begins: “This is a fan letter … You’ve done a damned good job blasting the phony ‘Anti-Comic Book Crusade.’ If more cartoonists were aware of the danger of this thing, we might squash it …”? Jeet Heer has the answer for you in our fourteenth volume of the adventures of the kid with a heart of gold and a quick left hook – Little Orphan Annie!


As if this isn’t enough, factor in more Superman, more Disney, the conclusion of Red Barry, more Spider-Man, our first collection of For Better or For Worse, and one especially magic word (“Tippie”!). When you add it all up, we think you’ll agree The Library of American Comics train is chugging along at top speed!

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