ristina Toth Hyde, R.I.P.


Christina Hyde passed away on Monday, July 29, in her sleep. She was Alex Toth’s former wife and mother of their four children. The family made the announcement:

“She celebrated her 80th birthday last week. She was living independently in her home in southern Oregon. She loved her dog Flash, her cat Hugo and tending to her yard and garden.Most of all, she loved her family including her twelve grandchildren. She will be greatly missed as she was very present in all of our lives, especially her grandchildren’s.”

Eldest daughter Dana adds, “As we begin to embrace what comes next—my dear brother Damon, and Aunt Darlene have driven immediately to Oregon to secure my mom’s house due to the threat of fire. There have been many homes evacuated and burned in the outlaying area. Now the fire is 3 miles from her house.

“All my adult life my mother would say that someday when she left the earth, we would sift through all the special things she saved for us. She was not materialistic, but saved notes, things she’d written but not shared yet—little items with history—they were her legacy. It brought her so much joy to imagine us finding them.

“Please pray for my family and all the families that are fighting those fires. Please pray for the safety of my brother and Aunt and all the people trying to secure their property and evacuate.

“My mom’s last words about the fire were that if her house burned to the ground she would take the insurance money and build a little cabin even further into the woods…citing that “that is another dream.” I believe that right now she is in that cabin (just not on earth).

“Thank you. Have a blessed day.”

We at LOAC add our sincere thoughts for the Toth family. Christina was very gracious in granting us interviews and sharing precious family photographs (like the one above of she and Alex in 1958) for our Alex Toth books.

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