Santa Shows Up Early at My Home

We’ve discussed previously in this space that I try to get a representative example of artwork from some of my favorite LOAC books so they can be displayed in my home (On My Walls). I’ve added to my modest collection this year, and recently I visited my old pals Brian and Sally at Rainbow Art and Framing and asked them to put together a couple new pieces for me. They recently called and had things ready for me.

Obviously I wasn’t going to be able to snag an Alex Raymond Flash Gordon¬†original, but my introduction to our fourth and final Flash/Jungle Jim volume touched upon the appearances of those characters in the post-Raymond years, and I was able to snag this cel from the late-1970s Filmation Flash cartoon. Here’s how it looks now that it’s hanging on one of my living room wall:

If you look closely you can see a few minor imperfections in the cel, but that doesn’t bother me — it’s practically forty years old, after all! It came in three layers — Flash and Dale are isolated on one clear layer, with the stone flooring and background wall on a second uncolored layer, then a layer of green that fit between between them.

And as I’ve said on more than one occasion, I’m a real Edwina Dumm fan, so I had Brian and Sally put together my finished “Cap” Stubbs daily with a Christmas piece done only in pencil and it looks like this:

And in case you’d like to see the two pieces in close-up:

When you see work like this, I hope you become Edwina fans, too (if you aren’t already)! Be on the lookout for our next LOAC Essentials, featuring a year’s worth of “Cap” Stubbs and Tippie, coming your way soon!

So, Santa, no need to bring any other presents for me — I have all I need, thanks …

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