Dick Tracy Vol. 19: 1959-1961


by Chester Gould
Edited & Designed by Dean Mullaney.
Introduction by Max Allan Collins, Historical Essay by Jeff Kersten.

Oversized 11″ x 8.5″ hardcover-with-dustjacket, 276 pp.



We discover the fate of Fatty and Rodent, meet Spots—the small-time grifter who suddenly gets big-time ambitions—and witness Lizz literally throwing her weight around when she takes the lead on a couple of cases. Meanwhile, Tracy and company encounter a 7′ 3″ giant Hawaiian surfer, an obnoxious TV shock jock, a hitman named Halfa Million and his brother, the syndicate boss “Willie-the-Fifth,” plus a legal eagle named Flyface, one of Chester Gould’s most visually memorable villains (who, it turns out, is not the only member of his family plagued by a swarming horde of flies!). Gould’s stories feature mad mothers, madder grandmothers, and more children at risk (including a bearded baby boy). Throw in a couple of skeletal remains, a death-dealing tidal wave, a gun moll named Olive Tomate, and the return of B.O. Plenty, Gravel Gertie, and a plump cereal-overeating Sparkle Plenty-then watch the sparks fly, as Dick Tracy nears its thirtieth anniversary in the complete strips from July 12, 1959 through February 19, 1961.

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