Dick Tracy, Vol. 25: 1969-1970


By Chester Gould

11” x 8.5” landscape hardcover with dustjacket, 296pp


Dick Tracy closes out the 1960s by moonlighting — literally! The master sleuth takes a part-time second job as Head of Security and Law Enforcement for Diet Smith’s operations based on the moon. Soon Tracy learns that the international crime syndicate, the Apparatus, has infiltrated Smith’s organization on the lunar surface. Determined to expand its nefarious empire, the Apparatus snares Dick and Tess Tracy, leaving them caught in one of the most frightening death traps in the history of the series. In the aftermath Dick Tracy is left blind, with the killers still after him! Tracy then meets Tinky, a young blind girl who will play a key role throughout 1970. Two other major characters are also introduced. First, male cartoonist Vera Alldid, who comes looking for his step-uncle B.O. Plenty and instead finds himself enamored with B.O. and Gravel Gertie’s daughter Sparkle. Is there such a thing as “kissin’ step-cousins?” The second new cast member is Groovy Grove, fresh from prison after serving twelve years for a crime he didn’t commit. Groovy joins the police force and not only has to defend himself against a blackmail scheme from his former cellmate, Diamonds, and his accomplice, The Doll…he has to rescue kidnapped little Tinky!

In other stories, Tracy and his relentless crew pursue the Zodiac gang of bank robbers, whose mastermind is Scorpio, a grotesque villain who consults with an astrologer before making every move, and “Don’t Be a Litterbug” takes on new meaning when Vera Alldid becomes the unwitting accomplice of Mr. Litter and his dognapping scheme! All this and more in these classic Chester Gould comic strips, from April 3, 1969 to December 23, 1970.

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