LOAC Essentials Vol. 9: King Features Essentials 2: Tim Tyler’s Luck 1933


by Lyman Young and Alex Raymond
Edited by Dean Mullaney. Introduction by Bruce Canwell.

Oblong 11.5” x 4.25” hardcover, 396 pp.

Preview LOAC Essentials Vol. 9: King Features Essentials 2: Tim Tyler’s Luck 1933



In many ways Tim Tyler’s Luck is the prototypical adventure strip, launching three years before Hal Foster’s Tarzan and six full years ahead of Terry and the Pirates. Creator Lyman Young combined an exuberant young cast and exotic locales into a frothy mix that turned millions of readers into armchair adventurers. The never-before-collected strips in this Essentials volume represent a transition point in comics history, showcasing the seminal work of superstar artist Alex Raymond. Lyman Young hired Raymond as an assistant in May, 1932, and throughout the strips in this book Raymond took on increasing responsibility for the drawing until he essentially assumed the complete art duties. It’s in these strips that Raymond developed the prototypes for Flash Gordon, Dale Arden, and Jungle Jim, the characters he would create right after his stint on Tim Tyler’s Luck, as he embarked on a career that would change comics forever.

“It’s a miracle books like this exist…I can’t get over that LOAC is publishing an entire year of Tim Tyler’s Luck, one of the missing links of that whole group of comic strips that kind of transitioned a big chunk of the page into adventure serials. Lyman Young worked on this feature forever, and it’s barely remembered now. He worked with Alex Raymond during this period, too, so there’s that additional bit of gorgeousness to enjoy.” — Comics Reporter

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