Star Hawks, Volume 1


Written by Ron Goulart. Art by Gil Kane.
Edited & Designed by Dean Mullaney. Introduction by Ron Goulart. Afterword by Daniel Herman.

9.25″ x 6.5” hardcover, 336 pp., ISBN 978-1-63140-397-2



In the mid 1970s, when science fiction was primarily read by hard-core fans and Star Wars had yet to enter the cultural zeitgeist, Ron Goulart and Gil Kane created Star Hawks, an innovative two-tier science fiction comic strip that brought a comic book design sensibility to the newspaper page.

But Star Hawks was shelved by the syndicate before it began. Then Star Wars was released and with science fiction suddenly in vogue, Star Hawks was dusted off and rushed into newspapers. Forty years after its debut, Star Hawks still looks fresh and exciting. This first of three volumes from the Library of American Comics reproduces each strip on its own page so readers can relish Gil Kane’s incredible artistic achievement, and also features an introduction by Ron Goulart.

“Gil Kane would acrobatically choreograph his characters as they literally glided in and out of panels. He refined his approach to movement and anatomy until it was possible to identify Kane’s stories through their unique dynamics…”  — from Daniel  Herman’s Gil Kane appreciation

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