Skipping and Bungling with the Gumps

When working on a book, it’s very easy to get singleminded in our focus. After all, we’re concentrating on getting the best quality source material for up to 800 individual strips, researching every aspect of the series and its creator, and so on. You kinda get blinders on at times.

We’re currently verifying some of the 1929 dates for Skippy. It turns out that different newspapers ran the strip on different dates, and some even ran certain strips backwards-panel 3, then panel 2, and then panel 1! It’s not as easy as we thought, but we forge ahead until eventually the task is completed, the strips are digitally assembled, and off to the printer it goes.

In researching the correct order for March strips, I was going through the files of the Charleston (West Virginia) Gazette, which seemed to publish Skippy chronologically. Running my eyes down the page, I spied the Gumps daily from the same date — the exact strip that I worked on last month for the “Saga of Mary Gold” story in LOAC Essentials 2.

And it made me stop and sit up. Gumps? That was last month. Skippy? That’s this month. What do they have to do with one another. Well, everything, of course—each was at the height of its fame in 1929, and in the case of the Charleston paper, ran on the same page day after day.

It’s always instructive to take that step back and view our favorite comics as they were originally seen by our forefathers and foremothers. Here’s a delightful full page of comics from March 23, 1929. Click on the page for a larger view, and then click again for an even larger one.


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