November Nibbles Before Turkey-Day Gobbles

It’s an honor, but never a joyous task, to pen a remembrance for a luminary in this artform who has left us, as I recently did for Stan Lee. Thinking about Stan’s passing in the days that followed, it led me to wonder, “What upbeat comics milestones are attached to the month of November?” The 90th anniversary of the creation of Mickey Mouse is getting wide-spread — and justly deserved — recognition, but I found another handful of items that put a smile on my lips …

For instance, Sesame Street‘s inimitable Cookie Monster marks November 2nd as his birthday. Here he is, doing what he does best, in this 1973 installment of the Sesame Street newspaper strip:

Writer Alan Moore was born November 18, 1953. While his credits are many, varied, and often exceptionally fine, I have a sentimental fondness for his work with Steve Bissette and John Totleben (and sometimes Rick Veitch) on DC’s Swamp Thing.

Here’s Steve and John’s cover to issue # 50 of the series:

Another November birthday took me back into Stan Lee’s orbit — his sometimes-collaborator, Steve Ditko, was also born on November 2nd, though considerably earlier than the Cookie Monster — in 1927, to be exact. Here’s one of Steve and Stan’s most memorable splash pages:

Also debuting with a November, 1961 cover date: Jack Kirby and Stan Lee’s groundbreaking Fantastic Four:

In 1972, Stan and John Romita Sr. collaborated on a story that JR Sr. drew in homage to Milton Caniff and Terry and the Pirates. Here’s the cover to Amazing-Spider-Man # 109:

What’s the November connection in this instance? Well, John Romita Sr. and his wife, Virginia, were wed in November of 1952!

Finally, to bring us full circle back to newspaper comics and offer one last November 2nd entry, Charles “Sparky” Schulz entered the world on November 26, 1922. This is the November 2, 1967 entry of Schulz’s beloved Peanuts:

One November milestone is coming soon, so the entire LOAC staff wishes our American readers a most Happy Thanksgiving holiday!


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