Somewhat More Esoteric Offerings from The Iron Gate (Second in a Series)

Following up on our previous entry in this space devoted to the New York hotspot “21” and its tribute book, The Iron Gate (see that first installmentĀ here), please enjoy these six additional images …

Cartoonist Dave Breger helped popularize the term “G.I.” during World War II with his G.I. JOE and PRIVATE BREGER comic strips. After the War, PRIVATE BREGER went civilian and his strip continued as MISTER BREGER.

Master illustrator Dean Cornwell added this saucy, wryly humorous entry to THE IRON GATE. The “Reprinted from …” note at the bottom of the page refers to the original IRON GATE tribute, versus this edition, published to mark “21”‘s twenty-fifth anniversary.


Artist Wally Bishop offers this very different lineup to replace “21”‘s famed lawn jockeys — characters from his MUGGS AND SKEETER comic strip!


Surely the incomparable Hal Foster needs no introduction, nor do his stars, Prince Valiant and charming wife, Aleta.


Ozark Ike and Dinah step out of their baseball-themed comic strip to class up “21” in true hillbilly style, courtesy of the strip’s impresario, Ray Gotto.


And still more pulchritude on display, this time courtesy of Don Flowers, creator of the the appropriately-named strip GLAMOR GIRLS.

Watch this space in coming days for more artwork from the pages of The Iron Gate!


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