Spine Fetish

As an editor, one of the reasons I prefer to make books with a lot of strips is so we will have wide — and visible — spines when the books are on our bookshelves.

As a designer, one of my favorite jobs for each overall series is to design those spines. The spines for the Steve Canyon series, for example, were designed before I even started the front cover layout. Now that we have three volumes on the shelf, the airplane-inspired copper-and-aluminum checkerboard pattern becomes clear. (You might also notice the “S” — “T” — “E” to the left of the characters up top. Eventually, Canyon’s full name will be spelled out, and after that…well, we’ll keep that a surprise.)

To the right of Canyon (if that’s possible), the Bringing Up Father series has its own look, one that we hope will be recognizeable because of its silver-and-black Art Deco feel. (Jiggs had also better beware of Maggie coming after him with a rolling pin!)

We all have our fetishes. Mine is wide spines.

Both books are advance copies of releases that will be in stores in a few weeks.



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