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Ad-ing LIFE to the Comics

In various LOAC books we’ve shown (and discussed) examples of the intersection between comics and the world of advertising, yet it’s not a topic we’ve lingered over in this space. I decided to change that just a bit recently, when going through the contents of a bunch of Life Magazines. (One of the perks of this job is being able to sift through old magazines and newspapers, to get a look at — or in some cases, remember — The Way It Used to Be.) These Lifes had a variety of comics-based advertisements, so I snagged a batch of them to share with you.

The earliest Life¬†ad I found with a comics connection was in the magazine’s April 15, 1940 issue. I knew Bud Fisher’s Mutt and Jeff were popular, but until I saw this I had no idea they were experts on digestive difficulties …

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Bil Keane (1922-2011)

The sad news today from Arizona is that cartoonist Bil Keane, whose Family Circus has delighted us for fifty years, died of congestive heart failure. He was 89.

Keane debuted The Family Circus in February 1960 and drew endless inspiration from his real-life family. Those endlessly curious, often too clever children and their loving, long-suffering parents captured the essence of the typical American family.

All of us at the Library of American Comics and IDW Publishing join his family in celebrating Bil Keane’s life.



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