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Flash and the Seven Dwarfs


One of the fun parts of doing research (in this case for the forthcoming Flash Gordon/Jungle JimVolume Two), is seeing the contemporaneous connections of pop culture icons from the past. Bruce Canwell uncovered this 1938 Seein’ Stars by Feg Murray, in which the cartoonist¬† presents three then-current Hollywood stories, each of which has a comics tie-in: Buster Crabbe in the second Flash Gordon serial, Disney’s famous first animated feature, and Jackie Coogan suing his parents over squandered earnings (Coogan’s brother, Robert, co-starred with Jackie Cooper in the Academy Award-nominated film version of Percy Crosby’s Skippy in 1931).
Like many cartoonists of the time (such as Will Gould), Murray was a sports cartoonist before creating a nationally syndicate comic. Murray was also a Hollywood reporter and radio host.¬†Seein’ Stars was initially printed in the entertainment section of newspapers, but moved to the comics section in 1938. Drawn in the format of Robert Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Seein’ Starswas a popular feature that lasted into the 1950s.

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