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Since “The LOAC Story” debuted on May 18th we’ve received kudos from a handful of readers, and we thank them all for their kind words. It’s  great to hear that the folks who have long supported our various ventures enjoyed this foray into the video world.

We were also pleased and gratified to see the video received coverage from two of the most recognized sites in comics journalism. On May 20th, both The Beat and The Comics Reporter linked to “The LOAC Story,” with Heidi MacDonald — the major domo of the staff at Stately Beat Manor — providing additional coverage.

Tom Spurgeon featured our video in his 05/20/16 “Go, Look” segment, which looked like this …


… while The Beat’s story-plus-link ran, here, starting off like this:



Many thanks to both Tom and Heidi for helping spread the word about both the video and our line of books!

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