That Was Then, This Is Now

From the “What Has Gone Before” Department…

Long-time readers in this space may recall that Dean and I first crossed paths in the 1970s, within the letters pages of Marvel Comics. We never directly communicated with one another at that time, but I read his letters of comment, he read mine—and there were times, as in this letter column reprinted from Luke Cage #32, when we were the only two letterhacks whose notes were published.


Our letters address the first Cage story written by then-incoming writer Don McGregor, who has since become a fast friend to both Dean and me.

Time and tide took us both away from letterhacking, and for quite some time the major comic book companies stopped running letters pages in their titles, often claiming the Internet had made such features obsolete (as if the ephemeral Web could ever replace reliable paper-and-ink print. Pshaw! Pshaw!).

In recent years, it’s been heartening to see letters pages make a comeback, though Dean and I have been a little too busy putting out Library of American Comics books to do any letterhacking of our own. Nevertheless, as a few friends and loyal readers pointed out to us, our names were once again joined on a Marvel Comics letters page.


In “Letters Without Fear” from the issue above, readers Taylor Bowne and Timothy Markin offered their reactions to DD # 16, with Mr. Markin discussing the work of artist Chris Samnee and noting he had been a loyal Daredevil reader since 1975. Check out Mr. Markin’s concluding two sentences (the ones before his name), and editor Steve Wacker’s response.


Pretty cool, we thought! We appreciate Steve’s kind words, and congratulate him and the rest of the Daredevil creative team on their well-deserved Eisner wins. And if we can do a bit of plugola here, we’ll suggest fans of ol’ Hornhead be on the lookout this spring for a special Daredevil story written, drawn, and inked by my decades-long friend, Lee Weeks. I’ve seen previews; it’ll be special, believe me!


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