The Town That Time Forgot

One of the eight stories in Rip Kirby Volume 6 is “The Town That Time Forgot,” in which Rip and Desmond discover a town that has stood still since 1899. Its inhabitants have been immune to the vicissitudes of “modern” (in 1961 when this story was published) life. We’re currently working on the book, prepping the art for the printer. The logic of the plot is nonsenseical but it’s great fun. In the late ’50s/early ’60s there was a big fad for anything having to do with Gay ’90s culture and Fred Dickenson and John Prentice’s readers undoubtedly ate up every iconic image of the period. In these dailies, Rip explains to the town members what they can expect in the outside world. To our eyes, in 2013, it’s equally interesting to see the 50-year-old 1960s fashions, as alien to our time as the 1890s “Gibson Girl” look was to the 1961 reader.





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