The Uncensored Popeye!

Now that the first volume of our complete collection of Bobby London’s six years of Popeye strips is in stores, it’s a good a time as any to spring our big surprise—when we say “complete,” we mean COMPLETE!

What IS known: Bobby London’s take on the Sailor Man has often been overshadowed by his being fired from the strip in 1992, ostensibly for presenting a storyline that was an allegory about abortion. In that ultimate tale, Olive had become addicted to the Home Shopping Network and ordered a Baby Brutus mechanical doll. When Popeye insists that she get rid of the “baby,” two priests mistakenly believe that the baby is real and that Olive is going exercise her pro-choice rights. King Features Syndicate pulled the final three weeks of strips and daily newspapers began running reprints, except for one paper that brazenly published the strips.That was that. Story over in mid-stream.

Now, twenty-two years later, thanks to the kind cooperation of the good folks at King Features, those three weeks will be included in the second volume of our series. But wait…that’s not all! Turns out that in order to fulfill his contract, Bobby produced an ADDITIONAL SIX WEEKS of strips beyond the three that were pulled from syndiction! These six weeks were sent to King and prompted returned. Bobby’s been sitting on them all these years and has sent us copies. (Thanks, Bobby!)

Bottom line? Our second volume, to be published in October, will contain—for the first time anywhere—ALL NINE weeks of “censored” Bobby London’s Popeye strips. Trust us, it’s worth the wait! Here’s one daily to whet your appetite (click on image for a larger version). In the meantime, don’t miss the first volume, which is on sale now.


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