They Don’t Wear White in Foxholes

As Lucy Shelton Caswell writes in her Introduction to our forthcoming art book—CANIFF: “Milton Caniff came from a family of pack rats and he was married to one for more than fifty years. As a result, his personal and business papers are unusually complete and intact.”

It’s from these comprehensive files at the library that Lucy was instrumental in establishing at The Ohio State University that we’ve culled an incredible array of Caniff’s art, from his childhood through the 1980s. It’s an unprecedented resource to study the career of a major cartoonist. It also presents a challenge—which of the cool artwork and memorabilia will make the cut! It’s a “problem” I wish we had every day.

This is another way of saying that we’re running a little late on deivering the book to the printer. No too late—just a few weeks—but for you Amazon-release-date watchers, be patient. It’ll be printed and in your hands in July instead of June.

To hold you over, here are three more goodies that have never been reprinted:

1. The original art to one of the travel headers Caniff illustrated and lettered as part of his staff job on the Columbus Dispatch in the late ’20s and early ’30s.



2. The original art to one of the many illustrations he made to accompany serialized stories while working at the Associated Press in the early ’30s.


3. A syndicate promo piece that introduces Taffy Tucker, everyone’s favorite nurse in Terry and the Pirates.


And if THAT doesn’t leave you salivating for more, I give up!


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