Those Midnight Munchies


We just sent the second Blondie book to the printer. It concludes our two-volume collection that reprints, for the very first time, the earliest Blondie comic strips. Our first volume detailed Blondie and Dagwood’s courtship and ended with their momentous wedding. The comics in this book pick up the story with the young couple on their madcap honeymoon, followed by their attempts to settle in to a middle class life of married bliss.

In these strips, Chic Young introduced many of the strip’s supporting players: next-door neighbors Tootsie and Herb Woodley, the attractive Miss Teasley, Dagwood’s boss Mr. Dithers…and most important of all… Blondie and Dagwood’s first child, Baby Dumpling (later named Alexander) and their ever-loving dog, Daisy.

Young also debuts the familiar set-pieces that became visual reference points in the strip: Dagwood in the bathtub, Dagwood taking a nap on the couch, Blondie and Dagwood sleeping together in their double bed, Dagwood running to catch the bus, Blondie and Dagwood sitting in opposing chairs, Dagwood reading the newspaper at the breakfast table, Dagwood talking to Herb over the backyard fence, Dagwood running into the mailman, Dagwood getting berated by Mr. Dithers…and most importantly, Dagwood making a sandwich in the middle of the night.

Here it is, folks, the first midnight raid on the refrigerator, from August 14, 1934.


Needless to say, there’s a lot more to discover in this indispensable look at America’s favorite married couple.


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