Cleaning out the mental Inbox by serving up these quick tidbits…

“The Third Word in ‘Modesto’ is ‘Modest'” Dept: While he’s being quietly humble about it, LOAC Creative Director Dean Mullaney was feted as a Special Guest of the recently-concluded San Diego Comic-Con, which included an open-to-the-public Q&A session hosted by IDW’s Imperial Grand Poobah, Ted Adams. It culminated in Dean receiving Comic-Con’s highest honor, the Inkpot Award, for his achievements in comics over the thirty-five-year Eclipse-to-LOAC period. (And if one adds in his Marvel letter-writing days, make it a forty year timespan!)

Anyway, here’s Dean with his richly-deserved trophy. Note his dapper customized golf shirt! One of the perks of life at LOAC…


“Meanwhile, On the East Coast …” Dept: My wedding came off smoothly, with everything running on or ahead of schedule and everyone apparently having a good time (none of our roughly one hundred twenty guests complained to us, anyway). I promise, only one more wedding-related entry to come after this, once the pictures come back (you can see me looking like John Steed—or is that Lou Grant?—in the tux), but now seemed a good time to offer sincere thanks to everyone who sent their good wishes and congratulations to myself and the newly-minted missus. I also thought you might enjoy seeing this, sent to us by the redoubtable Bill Peckmann. You may recall Bill was one of the animators who worked on the ABC Schoolhouse Rock shorts of the 1970s, and he recalled everyone’s favorite, Conjunction Junction, with this fine piece:


And since the new Mrs. Canwell is a technical writer—currently between gigs, so if you’re a tech pubs hiring manager in the greater Boston area and reading this…!—we both know a thing or two about “hooking up words and phrases and clauses,” as Conjunction Junction helped a whole generation to understand.

“A (Royal) Family Affair” Dept: Ho-ho! I see England’s new third-in-line-for-the-throne has been named George, and speculation is rampant that the name was chosen, at least in part, in recognition of the lad’s great-grandfather, George VI, who served as ruler of England before Queen Elizabeth, and who teamed with Winston Churchill to steer The Green and Pleasant Land through the trials of World War II.

By an amazing coincidence, a major focus of our second Bringing Up Father volume, “Of Cabbages and Kings”, was a lengthy storyline in which Jiggs and Maggie travel across the puddle to attend George VI’s coronation! I wonder—should we send a copy to the new prince’s parents as a “Welcome baby” gift? (Well, I can dream, can’t I?)


“Coming Attractions” Dept: I trust you’ve noticed we’ve announced our fourth LOAC Essentialsvolume. This will feature a lengthy installment from one of the strips most requested by newspaper strip fans everywhere—Alley Oop! Get ready to thrill to Oop’s very first adventures traveling through time, all wrapped up in the one-strip-per-page, inexpensive Essentials package.




We’ve also announced plans to publish Ripley’s Believe It or Not. We view this feature as a true slice of Americana, one that should interest newspaper comics fans and perhaps attract some of the audience that has come through the Ripley’s Museums to sample our unique LOAC flavor. (Today, Ripley’s; tomorrow—Canyon? Archie? Annie? Skippy? We can only hope…) Dean has already examined the Robert Ripley papers and said when it comes to collecting memorabilia, “Ripley makes Milton Caniff look like a piker!” Given the extensiveness of Caniff’s OSU holdings, that’s a mind-boggling thought!

And of course, there’s also our plans to…waitaminnit, can’t talk about that yet. Or, of course, my upcoming interviews with…whoops, better not let those cats out of the bag right now, either. Suffice it to say, there are fun and interesting announcements ahead, so keep watching this space!

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