What Fools These Mortals Be

With those immortal words Puck magazine skewered hypocracy, crooked politicians, and anyone trying to take advantage of the working man for forty years beginning in 1877. Everyone who loves comics has heard of Puck and wil recognize it as the source from which the comics field eventually grew. Most people have seen a few examples of the magazine’s cartoons here and there, but not until now has there been a massive full-color retrospective of the most important humor and cartooning magazine in American history. We are all in debt to Michael Alexander Kahn and Richard Samuel West for sharing their personal complete collections of the magazine’s forty-year run. They have selected the best of Puck’s full-color cartoons and have organized them by subject matter, providing explanatory captions that place the work in historical perspective.

The book will premiere in early October with a foreword by Calvin and Hobbes‘ Bill Watterson.

Here are a few few pages to whet your appetite.









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