Wonder Woman Strips!

When we published a collection of the rare 1940s Wonder Woman daily newspaper series several years ago, we noted that the strips we reproduced were from the files of DC Comics and represented, to the best knowledge at the time, the complete series. When the series was originally winding down, in late 1945, it was thought that it most likely appeared in only one newspaper—the Chicago Herald-American. That newspaper never ran the daily strip for November 19, 1945. The Herald-American did not publish on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 22nd, so it published the November 20th strip on the 19th, and then scratched out the dates on the November 21st and 22nd dailies and published them on the 20th and 21st, respectively. It picked up again on Friday the 23rd and continued until the final strip on December 1st.

We promised at the time of our publication that if a November 19, 1945 daily surfaced in the future, we will make it available online and in subsequent editions.

Well, guess what?!

Our friend and comics researcher extraordinaire Jeffrey Lindenblatt (who was DC’s original source for their copies) has found the strip! Turns out a small-time California newspaper ran Wonder Woman until its conclusion, but in an odd manner. The Sunday Hanford Journal didn’t run the strip from Monday through Saturday. Rather it ran ALL six dailies on Sunday! No wonder we couldn’t find a November 19th strip. They published it on Sunday, November 25th!

Here’s the penultimate week of dailies, with the November 19th entry at the top left.

A round of applause for Jeffrey L.!

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