Worlds Collide

On Sunday, June 24, the world of Dick Tracy was paid a visit by a very special guest. For Better or For Worse’s Michael Patterson attended Junior Tracy’s book signing, hoping to get his copy signed.

Guest appearances from other comic strip characters is nothing new to Mike Curtis and Joe Stanton, who took over creative chores for Dick Tracy in 2011, but this is the first time when they have collaborated with the artist of the visiting cartoon star to create the art! Lynn gives her thoughts on the collaboration on her website, and here is a little snippet:

Having Michael interact with characters in Dick Tracy is as easy as walking next door to see a friend! This collaboration was a lot of fun.

Haven’t read Dick Tracy in a while? If so, you are missing out on some great crime-fighting action! Curtis and Staton have created their own “shared universe” of comic strips characters, starting in 2014 when they featured the cast of Little Orphan Annie to tie up plot threads left hanging after Annie’s strip was canceled in 2010. The Annie cast has become reoccurring characters ever since!

Other guest stars include a vacation story with Popeye and Olive Oyl (though you never see their faces)…

A meeting with Funky Winkerbean (Dick Tracy showed up in Funky’s strip the same week)…

A dream sequence with the Fearless Fosdick…

Most recently, a misunderstanding between Dick Tracy and the Green Hornet…

But the most impressive storyline may be the one that featured a team-up between Dick Tracy and the Spirit!

But guess who else showed up in this story!

Who would have guessed you’d ever see Dick Tracy, the Spirit, the Dragon Lady, and “Daddy” Warbucks all in one panel?

Who will be next? Only Curtis and Stanton know for sure! Keep an eye on the funny pages to find out!

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