Yes, Lois, He Still Draws with Pen and Ink

For what will be the cover for LOAC’s 79th release—Superman: The Silver Age Dailies, Volume One—here are some of Pete Poplaski’s interim stages. While many artists have switched to drawing digitally, Pete’s still does it the old fashioned way on paper—first pencil roughs, then tight pencils, and finally the finished inking. The printed cover will have a slight change from this one because we’ve shifted the contents a bit. Rather than start with the “Metallo” story from late 1958/early 1959, our premiere book begins with “Earth’s Super-Idiot” in April 1959 and continues through “The Mad Woman of Metropolis” in August 1961.

Here are some of the stages of Pete’s work for the first cover, plus a sneak preview of the back cover. Enjoy!






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