… You Might Just Say, “It’s Bleeding Cool!”

Up now at the popular comics newsite Bleeding Cool, an interview with yr hmbl svnt — but not just any interview, a three-part interview!

Ian Melton, who writes for the site, contacted me several weeks ago. As a fan of the Amazing Spider-Man comic strip, Ian had bought our reprints of the wall-crawler’s newspaper exploits and asked me if I’d like to talk. Glad to do so, but what I didn’t expect …

… Was that Ian would be so well prepared, and would come into the interview with a batch of excellent, thought-provoking questions. I gave several “essay-type” answers, fully expecting some portions of our discussion would fall on the cutting room floor by the time the piece was prepared for posting.

Nope, I couldn’t have been more wrong, I’m pleased to say. The interview has been separated into three parts, and every word we exchanged during the interview has been included. Very kind of Bleeding Cool to afford me so much of their real estate!

So if you’d like several hundred more words of my gabble and babble, you can find the first part of Ian’s and my discussion, about the evolution and workings of LOAC, here: Bleeding Cool Part One. Next comes a segment devoted primarily to the Spidey strip, which is located here: Bleeding Cool Part Two. Finally, we wrap up by yapping a bit about other, non-Spidey strips (yes, I get in a plug for our “Cap” Stubbs & Tippie Essential volume!), and that segment is available here: You Guessed It — Bleeding Cool Part Three.

Many thanks to Ian Melton for doing such a fine job with this effort, and to Rich Johnston and the Bleeding Cool crew for hosting me — it was a whole lotta fun! And be watching their site for Ian’s review of our most recent Spider-Man volumes.



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